I am reminded on a daily basis of the need for people to point out the silliness of the whole ‘global warming’ thing.  There are so many problems with the alarmist position— Not just the science, but the conclusions and suggested ‘fixes’ as well.  Even if I give them that the earth is warming (which I don’t), the idea that man is the reason is an example of the self-centered hubris that dominates the left.  And then we have the crazy pushes to change light bulbs, while three billion automobiles take to the roads in China.  And then of course there are the spokespeople from Hollywood who tell us what to do, while they fly to fund raisers in private jets.  I just cannot understand how such nonsense has gripped the world for so long.

Below I have links to other people who take on different parts of the global warming debacle.  My hope is that mankind opens their minds, and takes a fresh look at the issue— before laws get passed that truly do damage to the world.

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